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Vinyl Cladding Installers, Melbourne, Victoria

Fire and Storm Resistant

Natural Disaster Proof Cladding

Fireproof Cladding and Weatherboard Features

Harder to ignite - Easier to extinguish

Vinyl weatherboards do not support combustion. This means that unlike wood or other building materials, it will not burn on its own. Vinyl products are slow to ignite, flame speed is slow and they self-extinguish once the heat source is removed. The strong fire-safe characteristics of vinyl have been recognised for decades by the electrical industry through its approved use as a residential wiring insulator.

The higher the temperature a material has to reach before it flames, the safer it is.

Safe homes use fire-safe claddings, which include vinyl weatherboards – which are composed mainly of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Due to its chlorine base, vinyl weatherboards do not ignite quickly are inherently flame-retardant.

In the tragic Victorian fires of February 2009, a vinyl clad house survived remarkably unscathed. The builder has spent considerable time researching building materials for fire performance, low maintenance and energy efficiency and was impressed with how vinyl products withstood the extreme conditions. The vinyl weatherboards escaped any significant damage and protected the house from ember attack to the interior. A combination of factors saved the house – good planning prior to construction, distance from tress, double glazed window frames with no air gaps and the consistent use of fire retardant materials both inside and out – including vinyl weatherboards.

Vinyl cladding conforms to and/or surpasses certification standards in many countries – including Australia.

Tested for cyclones

Our vinyl weatherboard products are manufactured to withstand all types of harsh Victorian weather conditions – including the extremes of high winds. Our products can be used in tropical cyclone category C, as defined in the Wind Loading Code AS1170. Our vinyl weatherboards are designed to withstand extreme element of nature and daily living with superior wind resistance up to 250 kph

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