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Vinyl Cladding Installers, Melbourne, Victoria


Designed for the Australian Climate

Durable Cladding - It never warps, rusts or rots

How does vinyl cladding compare with other external building materials?

In a way, it’s almost no contest. When compared to brick, wood, stone, stucco, and metal cladding on the basis of initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, vinyl cladding is clearly superior. A Durable Vinyl Cladding never needs painting or staining. It doesn’t chip, peel, dent or rot, so you can forget costly repairs. Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose.

Vinyl weatherboards do not allow water to soak in or absorb into the surface of the wall under them. The fixing methods and use of vinyl custom trims allows no weather or uninvited bugs to get in behind the boards – protecting you and your home. Because vinyl weatherboards are nonporous, mould and milder are much less of a problem than you would expect with other materials like wood.

Cladding & Coverings Comparison Chart

Recent Cladding Installations

Pentland Hills Country Home Cladding Installation
Vinyl Weatherboard Country Home3
Vinyl Weatherboard Country Home 2
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