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Armour II

Exterior uPVC Cladding

Armour Board II Cladding

Armour II Board Profile

VPI’s Armour II is designed and manufactured in Australian particularly to withstand the Australian climate. Exceptionally strong and durable Armour II has a unique profile – it’s design provides for a nominal thickness of 6mm and it also has an attractive gloss timber appearance as well as being highly UV resistant. Designed to meet AS/NZS 4257.1, AS/NZS 4257.6, AS/NZS 4257.7 and AS/NZS 4257.8

ARMOURBOARD has a unique profile – its design provides for a vinyl thickness of 6 mm. This board has been developed here in Australia to suit Australian homes.

ARMOUR SP is a unique wall cladding with fresh and graceful lines. The extra thickness of this product delivers a great degree of strength and durability. Like all our claddings, this product comes with a complete suite of trims to complement the finished walls. Whether used for enhancing new work or upgrading existing homes, the results are long-lasting and eye-catching.

Our cladding is lightweight and most installations take just a few days with minimum disruption. Maintenance is not demanding – a quick wash down from time to time will keep the appearance fresh and attractive. A mild detergent can be used – refer to our care guide for complete information.

Armour SP uPVC Cladding Features & Specifications

  • Achieves BAL29 when installed according to VPI Building Products certified system
  • Concealed fixing method
  • Solid 6mm vinyl thickness
  • Type ‘A’ Board as classified by Australian Standards
  • Distinctive Profile
  • No paint needed – save on maintenance
  • 100% Colour Depth – colour won’t scratch off
  • Flame resistant – peace of mind
  • Corrosion, rot and termite proof – durable and long lasting
  • Easy maintenance – a simple wash from time to time
  • First cost is last cost – count your savings for years to come
  • Designed to meet AS/NZS 4257.1, AS/NZS 4257.6, AS/NZS 4257.7 and AS/NZS 4257.8
  • Profile – SP (Single Profile)
Armour II Resources
Download Product Brochure:Click Here
Download BAL29 Compliance:Click Here
Download R Rating Results Data:Click Here
Download Colour Tint Match ChartClick Here
Australian Made Cladding
Armour II 50 Year Warranty

Armour Board Cladding Colour Chart

Armour II is available in the below range of popular colours. The Armour II has 100% Colour Depth – Meaning that colour is not only confined to the surface.

Important Note: Colours look different on monitors, tablets and phones. Colours are displayed as close to true as possible but may vary and should be used as an indication only. Ask us to see a colour swatch.
Armour II Glade Colour
Armour II Grey Colour
Armour II Harvest Gold Colour
Harvest Gold
Armour II Linen Colour
Armour II River Gum Colour
River Gum
Armour II Vanilla Colour
Armour II White Colour

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