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Vinyl Cladding Installers, Melbourne, Victoria

Installing Cladding Over Brick in Victoria

Installing Cladding Over Brick

Installing Cladding Over Brick, Is it possible? The short answer is Yes, You Can. Vynil wall cladding is a durable material that can allow you to change the look and feel of your home without tearing down brick walls.

Vinyl Cladding is one of the most popular, durable, weatherproof and affordable options, but cladding did not always have this reputation in Australia.

Over the years the technology and research that has gone into creating our modern day cladding products such as Duratuff Select Cladding, provides you with an attractive finish, lightweight and insulated product that can protect your walls and increase energy efficiency.

Can I clad over brick Veneer?

Yes, you can clad over the brick veneer of your home. Some may feel their old brick veneer radiates a dull and bleak look. Moss may have accumulated on the brick walls, or maybe the bricks are faded, stained and beyond restoration.

Proside Select offers a wide range of favourite cladding products such as Duratuff Select vinyl cladding, Palliside vinyl cladding and Cedarline vinyl cladding. All these modern siding products can be easily attached to underlying layers.

Being lightweight and robust enough to withstand hail and other harsh weather conditions in Melbourne, Weatherboards are a safe option.

Vinyl weatherboards come in various colours that can match your existing fence or roof making them a great exterior finish.

Cladding the upper story of a brick home in MelbourneCladding the upper storey of a brick home

You might want to change the look of the upper storey of your house. Cladding the upper story of a house with Vinyl weatherboards is a far cheaper and faster solution than renovating or replacing the entire brick wall.

Putting external cladding on the second storey of a double brick house reduces the effect of the sun on hot days. It will help to keep your rooms cooler. Vinyl is lightweight and flexible which makes it a great alternative to cement render. It will not crack, and installation is not a messy. It’s an excellent option for external cladding for double brick walls.

Once installed it will protect your walls not only against harmful effects of sunlight but also from rain, storm, cyclones and hail. Installing vinyl cladding on the upper storey of a brick home will enhance the beauty and increases the property value.

Benefits of Vinyl cladding vs brick

Although a brick wall seems to be a traditional choice, Vinyl is rapidly growing in the market. It is crucial to understand the benefits before you choose the option that best suits you.

Brick is a heavy material and consequently requires support when being installed on a new build or renovation. For example, if you were building double storey townhouses lets look at the properties and requirements. The brick wall is going to weight more and will require more structural support if installed on the second level. Whereas installing Vynil cladding or weatherboards on the upper level is lighter, better insulated, fasters to install and more cost-effective.

Installing Cladding over brick

Installing Cladding over brick veneer isn’t as tricky as it seems. Depending on your choice of cladding material a timber or metal batten may need to be fixed over the brickwork.

The installation will require at least 1 meter of clearance around the walls, and this means removal of large plants and shrubs, rocks, around the walls to allow for easy access during installation. Possibly more room will be required if the home is two storey or over a certain height and scaffolding is needed.

Proside Select has a wide range of vinyl cladding for you to choose for your taste and need. With superior technology and experienced team we provide best of the products and service in Vinyl Cladding industry. Call us today on 1800 129 129 to get a quote.

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  1. It’s good to know that weatherboards are lighter and better insulated than brick because I’m trying to make my house more efficient. The more insulation, the better! I already replaced my door so that it wouldn’t let so much heat out.

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